Growth Solutions
For Craft Brewers
By Craft Brewers

Passion for

The Craft.

What is better than an expertly crafted microbrew from your favorite brewer? Not much, in our opinion. The creation of KEGS Network was informed by experts in craft brewing, finance, distribution, and investing to bring new growth opportunities to microbreweries — Without ever tarnishing the brands, relationships, or unique flavors developed by them. Our vision is informed by our background as craft brewers, and guided by passion for the product.

Supporting Breweries to Do
What They Do Best.

The long list of distribution processes can either free or bottleneck craft brewers on their path to success. Logistics and distribution, financing and investment, equipment and operations are our specialty, and it’s our aim to empower craft brewers to provide great tasting beer within the brand that their audience loves, with optimized strategies and material support for growth.

Breaking the Bottleneck for Growth Opportunities:


Your recipe brewed on larger scale, enabling your brand to reach audiences coast-to-coast


Our network facilitates introductions to like minds, and brings investment to your brewery


Put your vision in new hands within the network with the sale of your brewery

Invest in a Unique


The hero of hops has passed through the gauntlet victorious: The craft microbrewing industry is not only mature, but still booming. As an investor, you have a unique opportunity with KEGS Network to invest in micro-breweries coast-to-coast receiving unparalleled support and guidance in growing their offering.


Booming Popularity

2021 beer sales volume increased by 1%, whereas craft beer sales increased by 7.9%, with over 9,000 craft breweries in the USA.


High Margins

Margins for craft brews range from a few points to almost 50%, with increased viability at scale.


Local & Global

Unique local brands have unprecedented opportunity to reach fans from coast-to-coast, and continent-to-continent.

KEGS Network is a brewery group dedicated to using our 25+ years of experience to help nurture and grow quality breweries around the country.