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KEGS Network is assisting a growing number of breweries in various aspects of their operations, financing, manufacturing, and beyond.

About 1812 Brewing Co.

Since 1995, 1812 Brewing Co. (formerly known as Sackets Harbor Brewing Company) has operated one of New York’s oldest microbreweries, featuring a working brewery and restaurant in Sackets Harbor, New York directly on Lake Ontario. In 2021, the beer production operations were moved to a 13,000 square foot production facility in nearby Watertown, NY. In Watertown, production capacity was expanded ten-fold and both high speed bottling and canning lines were commissioned.

1812 Brewing Company produces award-winning beers such as War of 1812 Amber Ale (“1812 Amber Ale”), which won the Gold Medal / Country Winner in the 2022 World Beer Awards, the Silver medal in the 2022 Brewski Awards, and a bronze medal in the 2022 New York International Beer Competition. Other 1812 Brewing Company beers include 1812 Light, Hazy Oasis Pale Ale, Thousand Islands IPA, Malicious Intent XX IPA, Route 11 Lager, Railroad Red Ale, Helles Bells Pilsner, St. Stephens Stout, Third Rail Porter, Featherhammer Maibock, and more.

KEGS Network Support
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  • Distribution
  • Brand Development

How to Join

KEGS Holdings is an operator of and investor in companies in the craft beer industry. The Company seeks to build a nation-wide network of craft breweries to develop and foster brand growth at the local, regional, and national level. Through investment and acquisition, the Company seeks to build a network wherein certain economies of scale can be achieved in areas of operational expertise such as distribution footprint expansion, inter-member contract brewing, new product development, sharing of best brewery practices and scale logistics and transportation. The network is built through investment by 1812 Brewing Company while maintaining the members’ respective local and regional uniqueness, brand autonomy and direct involvement with its consumers.

We’d love to start a conversation with you to see what your goals are, and share more with you about how we can help.

Our Core Services for Breweries:


So you’re ready to grow your brewery and need some capital to do it.

KEGS Network supports craft breweries in presenting their unique offering to potential investors to secure capital for growth. From development of pitch decks, to facilitating introductions with potential investors or investment funds, we can offer our guidance and expertise in procuring funds and maintaining ownership of your brewery.


Your recipe is THE next big thing, and you’re ready to get it out to consumers.

Whether you have or haven’t yet engaged in the obstacle course that is navigating contract brewing, KEGS Network wants to support brewers efforts in getting their unique recipies to wider markets through contract brewing. With support available in placement, branding, distribution and more, you don’t have to have a brewery to make amazing brews.


Your brewery is ready for new leadership, and you’re looking to sell.

KEGS Network has the resources and relationships to help navigate the sale of your craft brewery and find the deal that makes the most sense for you. Our goal is to ensure your hard work is honored, and the brand you’ve developed is given the best chance it can to continue to grow under new leadership. Let us walk with you on this exciting new path.

KEGS Network is a brewery group dedicated to using our 25+ years of experience to help nurture and grow quality breweries around the country.