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Join the KEGS Network as an investor, and become part of a movement that will strengthen, diversify, and ultimately accellerate the growth of the craft brewing industry.

By bringing unique craft brewing brands solutions to recieve investment, engage in contract brewing, or become acquired, we create pathways for craft breweries to expand without losing the integrity of their unique brands and audiences. Speak with us today to learn more about our offering, and join the KEGS Network.

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KEGS is an operator of and investor in companies in the craft beer industry. The Company seeks to build a nation-wide network of craft breweries to develop and foster respective brand growth at the local, regional, and national level. KEGS looks to build a network wherein certain economies of scale can be shared across it such as production, distribution footprint expansion, inter-member contract brewing, new product development, sharing of best brewery practices and scale logistics and transportation. The network is to be built through investment by 1812 Brewing Company while maintaining the members’ respective local and regional uniqueness, brand autonomy and direct involvement with its consumers. The Company seeks to be an “incubator” of growth for its holdings in the industry.

Here’s where the American craft brewing industry stands today:


Increase in Craft Beer Dollar Sales from 2020-2021


Projected Growth Rate (CAGR) of Craft Beer Market Through 2024


Increase in Craft Brewing Share of Beer Market from 2012-2021

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KEGS Network is a brewery group dedicated to using our 25+ years of experience to help nurture and grow quality breweries around the country.